‘An army of holy MAGA warriors’: How Trumpworld is becoming a full-fledged death cult

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I promise not to troll Christians or Republicans: I respect their right express their beliefs and I will defend their freedoms of/from religion and speech. However, I will troll the hell out of intolerant theocrats who are apparently trying to take over my putatively inclusive and secular country.


They are populating reddit in droves, particularly in the “centrist” subs that claim to be “neutral.” However instead of coming right out and saying “all libs should die” they say things like “We are being unfairly persecuted and we should stand with rifles to defend our votes because Trump was cheated by those inhuman filth”


Fascists going to fash.


‘An army of holy MAGA warriors’ to some. ‘An obese group of uneducated fanatical fascist pretending to still be relevant by poorly impersonating trained militants’ to most.


Should it come to a shooting War, they will lose. As depressed is this whole situation makes me, I cannot believe that there are more of these idiots, than there are those who are willing to stand up and oppose them. Myself included.