Apple Employees Continue to Fight Return to Campuses and Push for Better Remote Working Options

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We tried this shit for about four weeks. Everybody back into the office whether you like it or not! Productivity plummeted. Now it’s: If you’re in the office you get a fully paid for lunch, a $10/day transit bonus, and unlimited on-site snacks and coffee. We’ve had about 30% of our employees opt in. (I don’t have a choice since I have to work wherever the servers physically exist). And what have we found, you may ask? Productivity is way up. The people who are okay with a very well apportioned on-site office get some great perks. Those that work from home get great flexibility. And those who do something in between get a little bit from both worlds. We tried the hard ass, *everybody here, now!* and we lost some very talented people due to the inflexibility of upper management. To their credit, they figured out what why people were unhappy, came to me asking for metrics, and begrudgingly changed the work from home policy. The project managers are still irate. But the devs love not having to deal with walk-up traffic. And to be perfectly honest, I enjoy having an office complex that’s mostly empty. Not entirely sure why. But I feel like I get interrupted less and get to focus on my own projects a bit more. As always, YMMV


Apple to employees: you’re working the wrong way! But for the small price of $99, you can get the Work From Home dongle.


So the employees are fighting to get their employer to do something the employer doesn’t want to do but the employees are, at the same time, also fighting to make that thing easier for them? God I wish all jobs were that easy.


In other words, Apple is donating some of its talent to other companies. How very generous of them!


I wonder if Apple are starting to regret spending $5 billion on that massive office….