Are US Corporations Above the Law?

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It’s very strange to write a whole paper with a very broad question on a single case that should be understood by people to have nothing to do with corporate reach and everything to do with the role the US court system has in the world. >Together with Oxfam, we submitted an amicus brief to the Supreme Court arguing that it is in America’s economic interest to hold US firms accountable for wrongful conduct wherever it is committed. We believe that corporate social responsibility pays off in the long run – for consumers and companies alike – in countries that insist on it. I mean… what? The Supreme court doesn’t just unilaterally rule and decide to expand its jurisdiction…


If corporations follow the law created by lawmakers, they are not above the law. If they break the law and punishment does not fit the crime then the fault is on those who enforce the law. If the lawmakers don’t get replaced after making laws that favor corporations then the voters don’t care. Also, aren’t most corporate donations used for campaign advertising? Are the voters so weak-minded that some ads will change their core beliefs? I know real life is not that simple but maybe corporations are just a part of a much larger problem.


Did Smith actually argue that rhe pursuit of profit, alone, would invariably result in the common good?


I’ve scrolled a long way down and everyone here is triggering on the headline and no one is discussing the article? Disappointing that this sub lacks any interest in intellectual rigor at times. I read the article and the linked article and no where does it appear that these companies are accused of knowingly using suppliers with child labor? Just that they did and those children should be able to sue those companies in the US? (Heck, one is Nestle with a HQ in Europe) I’m trying to imagine the implications for poor nations if US corps were liable for damages by activities of suppliers within those nations with their own citizens.


Companies are fined for breaking the law all the time, I’m not sure why anyone thinks they are above the law. As for lobbying which someone mentioned, yes that need to go away.