Arizona judge says audit documents — including who is paying for recount — are public records

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Really pissed my vote took a fucking ride to Montana too. Half my fam voted for Trump the first time. Not a single one did it the 2nd. Trump lost AZ. Enough of this. Is it really that hard to imagine a guy who lied over and over again about everything and only cared about how big his crowd size was during a pandemic lost?? Just tired y’all.


Public audits are public? liberal hogwash I’m just going to sit here and sip some tea while we learn about every rich republican funding cyberninjas


hmmm., Who do you think might be funding the Arizona Fraudit? Peter Thiel? The Koch brothers and their organizations? One America News Netwrk? The Merceers? Alderon’s Estate? Other Millionaires and Billionaires?


When this nonsense flops like the Kraken, what new nonsense will the GQP come up with?


>”We tried to design everything to implement the biblical concept of ‘beyond reproach’ so that we would not even have the appearance of evil in anything that we did,” Logan said. Except saying who is really paying for the sham, umm, I mean audit.