Asking help to get better at USPSA / IPSC

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I do uspsa limited major and was 200lbs last year. Reviewing my videos made me realize I ran like a fat man and was slow. I was chubby and out of shape. I have since started a less stressful job, been prescribed TRT for hypogonadism in January, started a religiously strict diet (2500 calories which is a 200 deficit), and do a six day push, pull, legs workout. I’m down to 180 lbs and jacked with 15% body fat. My first match a few weeks ago was ridiculously better. I was fast and agile but my accuracy was off from a 15 month shooting break. Hope this helps you.


Grip strength, cardio, and lots of dry fire DVC my brother.


Look for anything in the tactical fitness category. Anything that has you doing short bursts of work with a recovery period would translate well to your sport. If you are willing to pay a minimal fee for programming, there are things that fit the bill from Mountain Tactical Institute, Tacfit, Stew Smith, or Atomic Athlete. You don’t say what equipment you have access to at home, so it’s hard to recommend a program. There are tons of great programs that use minimal equipment if that is a constraint of training at home.


I’ve never really shot USPCA/IPSC, but I’ve done IDPAish sort of stuff on and off for about 20 years. You aren’t going to be doing a lot of what is traditionally thought of as “cardio” work. People usually mean some sort of medium to long duration steady state exercise like jogging, cycling, etc. Thinking through it quickly, what you will need to work on: * Explosive movement * Flexibility * Coordination * “Metabolic Conditioning” * Agility Having a decent base of aerobic conditioning and strength will help too.


I hit the “comment” too quick below, then Reddit kept having problems with the edits I tried to make. The problem with giving you exercises is that there’s *so* much there to work on, and to know where go you have to know where to start. I’d suggest running for at least 30 minutes three times a week to build a “good aerobic base”. Cycling, swimming, rowing machine, elliptical et. al. will give you the same base, but, well, running a basic life skill. Figure out what the top of your “zone two” is (do a web search), and aim at that while running. Do lots of calisthenics–I’d do a lot of pushups and pullups, flutter kicks and planks for the abs (and get an ab wheel), but I’d really focus on all sorts of lunges and squats. I’d do the latter either with my pistol in my hand, extended in firing position (Doing this, or doing it with a rifle forces slightly different movement), or I’d get a weight that slightly exceeded a loaded pistol and hold it the same way. A couple days a week do sprints. Do at least 1 set of 10 straight line, then do footwork drills and “suicide sprints”. Youtube those for examples. Start slow and build off that–you want to build the stabilizers in the ankles, feet and calves, as well as your own prioperception. If you can do this at your range, do a set of kettle bell swings, then drop the bell, grab the pistol and put rounds on target while you’re still breathing heavy. If you can’t, either get an airsoft pistol or just dry fire at home (actually, do that first).