Biden released a 19-year detainee from Guantanamo Bay whom Trump kept detained for 4 years despite being cleared for release

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George Dubya’s lasting legacy a black hole prison system and retirement paintings.


The US accuses him of involvement with the Taliban, but, like many Guantanamo detainees, he was never charged with a crime. Nasser was recommended for release in 2016, the Times reported, but he stayed there under the Trump administration, which halted transfers out of Guatanamo.


Wonderful. And the Democrats need to pass laws to make sure that Republican presidents can’t bypass the constitution in the future because of their hate for a certain segment of human beings.


Let’s not forget the reason why they’re there. Because Bush wanted to use “enhanced interrogation”, aka torture. The same attorney that came up with the infamous torture memo, also was the guy who came up with the brilliant idea of putting them in Guantanamo to evade the constitution, John Yoo. And we should never forget Bush’s other greatest hits. The Patriot Act which authorized the unconstitutional gagging of defense attorneys, and warrantless wiretaps.


I’d be really interested if there are case studies about what happens to Guantanamo prisoners after release. It’s hard to imagine coming back from that without severe mental health issues.