Billionaires Claiming Climate Leadership Should Not Promote Space Tourism

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Meh, comparatively a single rocket launch here and there is nothing compared to cruise ship, barge, or daily traffic. The new SpaceX rocket will also use a fuel mixture which will mainly produce water as a bi-product. Yes C02 as well but its hardly an issue in comparison to daily industry and commute. Being able to travel to space is like the only exciting future we have to strive for, there are much larger sources of climate damage to tackle than ruining one of the greatest achievements of man kind before it can even start.


I disagree. We spew tons and tons of CO2 on alot of frivolous things, but advancing the human race isn’t one of them.


Give me a fuckin’ break.


>Branson had defended the Galactic SpaceShipTwo flight by suggesting that its carbon footprint was comparable to the flight between London and Singapore. But the accurate climate metric is emissions per passenger. >One needs to compare six passengers in the spaceship with about two or three hundred on a commercial plane. Climate consequences of space travel have another dimension. A paper published in Geophysical Research Letters suggests that black carbon or soot deposited in the stratosphere from the launch of 1,000 private rockets could increase polar surface temperatures by 1°C. This is absolute rubbish. Virgin’s ship (VSS Unity) has flow 4 times in total. The article is assuming it flies 1000 times per year, something it’s incapable of doing. The entire space industry in 2020 only flew 114 times. On top of that, they neglect to mention Blue Origin uses liquid hydrogen, which burns cleanly to produce mainly water vapour. The writer is doing some serious mental gymnastics to try and make an issue out of nothing.


What in the hell is with this recent space trash talking? Surely I understand the assholes aren’t necessarily my pick for who should be charting these horizons…but should we want this as a society?