Building Solar Farms May Not Build the Middle Class: Some of the wealthiest companies in the world are investing in the green economy. But they’re not investing in paying union wages.

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Is that the goal? I was under the impression the goal was to get as much of the world as possible off coal, oil and gas power as soon as practical so that rising CO2 levels didn’t screw up the climate even more. And since that’s spectacularly expensive, in the realm of tens of trillions of dollars the only way its going to happen in a timely fashion is if every effort is made to keep costs down. It would be a pity if people tried to hijack that in an attempt to co-opt the political momentum and redirect it towards a grab bag of totally unrelated social policies that those same people have been pushing for decades while ignoring environmental problems.


As someone who builds these for a living, the market rates are paid to get these installed as safely, quickly and cheap as possible (in that order). It requires an enormous amount of labor and most times the only way to do this is to pull from the union halls. The electricians and specialty tradesmen make top dollar (+$150k), the guys muling materials and doing unskilled work on site make a minimum of $25/hour and most agreements on a mid-size project pay $50-100k into the local school district every year. The operations and maintenance employs local contractors and the land basically becomes a nature preserve. These projects decarbonize the electric grid and are easily decommissioned if they need to get replaced/repurposed. There are downsides like taking farmland out of commission, but this is basically a lot of generational farmers’ retirement plans when they’re kids don’t want to go into the family business. Hope this provides a bit of context!


Unfortunately our infrastructure is literally melting and we need to change now before it gets worse


If it’s not prevailing wage and you can do better –don’t take the job. NY Times click-bait.


Why are these two supposed to be linked? Is this an open admission that “climate change” is just an excuse to push a social agenda? Firms aren’t required to pay a “living wage” but rather the market rate. To do otherwise would be uneconomicaly.