China have unveiled the design for a commercial nuclear reactor that is expected to be the first in the world that does not need water for cooling, allowing the systems to be built in remote desert regions to provide power for more densely populated areas

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>An important drive for the molten salt reactor programme came from President Xi Jinping’s announcement last year that China would become carbon neutral by 2060 Well, disregarding politics and all of the good and bad of China, I really hope he comes through with this


They’re been talking about this tech forever. SCMP is one of the most pro China news orgs there is, I’d proceed with a grain of salt.


It’s always funny how silent or negative is feedback on major news when it comes from evil China. Thorium and molten salts sound like the best realistic solution to our energy problems, and yet the only country who seriously invested in developing it was that same evil China… It’s a shame. (and i think India to some extent from what i remember) ​ Where are all the armchair experts explaining in a pedantic way how Thorium was a hoax and could never work now? They’ll keep claiming its a hoax until half of their country is running with that energy, and then they’ll turn their coat lamenting about “why didn’t we do this earlier” ? Or they’ll say like that other comment “ackhtually that existed since the 50s, they didnt invent anything” ? Yes, it kinda did. And it was abandoned for its lack of military application, which says a lot. ​ Meanwhile we have countries like Germany that “sToP eViL nUclEar PoWeR” to pamper its scientifically illiterate “ecologists” only to turn on the Russian gas pipe and then lobby to get it classified as “green energy”. 🤦‍♂️ And we have my country, France, lazily wasting billions upgrading (and failing) a dead-end dangerous tech of water uranium reactors while letting the old ones running more and more… Its gonna be fun when global warming forces them to shut down because of cooling issues. It pisses me off. And yes, it pisses me off that this has to come from bloody China now. I wish we could have some political leaders with a bit of vision without having to live in a 1984 techno-totalitarian state. It’s not like our planet isn’t on the verge of collapse and that every decent potential solution should be developed ASAP by any means necessary. 🐷


ELI5 please? I thought nuclear reactors heated water to produce steam, that in turn would be fed to a turbine that generates electricity. If there is no water, what moves the turbine in this technology?


The US had tested liquid sodium In 1970s. I’m sure someone who knows a lot More than me can elaborate, but basically politics and lobbying killed It.