Chinese Unesco official defends plan to list Great Barrier Reef ‘in danger’

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One reason why the Australian government does NOT want the Great Barrier Reef labeled as in danger is because it would then affect their tourism, a major economic driver. That’s stupid-assed, short-term, greedy, political thinking. What good are you once the Reef is completely decimated? How’s your tourism gonna look then? And how about the environmental devastation and chain-reaction affects to the food chain? What economic affects will that have? Absolutely idiotic and downright criminal.


Pretty sure the Aussie govt have been ignoring scientists stating that the reef is in danger for years


Someone explain why saying the Great Barrier Reef being in danger is a bad thing?


Most of the time Chinese bullshit against Australia is political retaliation. But this time, they have a point. Experts have been raising concerns about the Great Barrier Reef for years. This was a long time coming.


It shoulda been done years ago. The current Australian government fundamentally can’t be trusted to do anything other than fuck up and line their – and their donor’s – pockets.