Christianity is collapsing | Sociologists are amazed by the swift disintegration of Christianity in America. It’s a stunning cultural transformation, confirmed by several surveys and studies. Religious scholar Thom Rainer predicts: “Denominations will begin their steepest decline in 2021”

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I wish them a speedy decline!


Proud to be in the 2021 deconstruction crowd! I think 2020 really laid Christianity bare for a lot of people. It certainly did for me. I went into the pandemic a Christian apologist and came out the other side an atheist who hates everything Christianity stands for.


I think the biggest mistake a lot of churches have made is becoming political. When you’re intentionally alienating 50% of potential suckers, you’re starting off on a very bad foot. Suddenly you have all these people who simply don’t want to show up because either they’re sick of hearing about politics, or they just feel absolutely alienated by attacks on their own beliefs.


When an atheist can get elected to president I will believe it.


They’ve all found newer, more insane shit to cling to like Q