Coworker argues with me everyday about what I “believe”.

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Stop engaging. If the conversation has nothing to do with the job you are doing there is no need for the conversation. Make it clear you’re only interested in discussing work related matters and and all other topics will be ignored. He’s making an uncomfortable workplace environment and it’s bordering harassment if you’ve asked him to stop.


Ask him “Who created God?” and watch for the puppy dog head tilt and blank stare.


If something can’t come from nothing, then where did this god come from? If he says, as they always do, that “he” always existed, then the same can be said about the universe. Then drop it. He will say that what applies to god does not apply to the universe, but that is a bullshit “special pleading” fallacy.


Limit conversation with this person. He sounds like a complete idiot.


‘something can’t come from nothing’ God: creates everything from nothing. (also, what created god)