Danish cartoonist who sparked outrage with blasphemous cartoons dies

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Those drawings were definitely very controversial here in Denmark and are still being talked about here once in a blue moon, but I honestly respect him for testing these irrational beliefs


I don’t understand why Muslims lose their mind if someone draws a cartoon of their prophet who’s been dead for centuries. Dude, it’s just a goddamn cartoon plus your prophet was a pedophile!!


Has anybody asked why the creator of the universe needs human help to kill somebody?


What’s even stranger is that in Denmark we generally make fun of everything in society through caricatures. Church, politics, celebrities, family, you name it. The Muhammed drawings weren’t special, other than the time they were drawn. Its our way to express free speech. Noone and nothing is safe from criticism. The only reason this became such a hot topic, is because of the outrage from the ME and the people who thought they were targeting minorities. The same westerners who blew this out of proportion are the same people who staunchly defends women’s rights, humanitarianism and activism, despite Islam being inherently against those very beliefs. Why is it okay to make fun of a politician, a celebrity, the Christian Church, the left, the right and everything in between, but make fun of another warmongering hypocritical skydaddy and freedom of expression and art goes out the window. You hear the dumbest arguments from the western defenders of this. “Oh we have freedom of speech, but that doesn’t keep you free from consequence.” So what, you think being beaten, decapitated or shot is a fair consequence for drawing a caricature? Sometimes society really just boggles my mind.


If I were him, I’d have my illustrations tattooed on my ass as a final request just as one last fuck-you.