‘Democracy Is In Trouble,’ Judge Says During First Felony Sentencing For Capitol Attack

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No shit. Handing these turds 8 month sentences isn’t helping.


>“Sentencing is always a very challenging task, and the court here had to consider both what I think are the extremely damaging events that occurred that day, but also who Mr. Hodgkins is as an individual,” Jesus, it’s so chilling. What other criminals get to be considered for being “an individual”? There’s a white conservative pass for crime.


In other news, Biden Justice Department declines to prosecute Wilbur Ross, the Secretary of commerce for Donald Trump, for lying to Congress (he also openly lied in court, including flagrantly lying to the Supreme Court). DOJ will not bother to say why. Go ahead, Republicans, you are free to commit all the felonies you want. Your foot soldiers will get comically light penalties, and you won’t even be prosecuted at all.


It’s not just “in trouble.” It is currently under *active attack.* It’s being intentionally sabotaged by the ultra-wealthy and their propagandized pawns and the compromised elected officials. We are at war, and we’re going to continue losing that war (notwithstanding a few won battles) if we keep trying to compromise with those that are literally trying to *eliminate their enemy.*


8 months, this is a meaningful sentence? Maybe if you stole a loaf of bread, but treason?