Democrat unveils bill to allow only House members to serve as Speaker

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I would like to thank Trump and the GQP for making us all aware that all you need to install a fascist dictator in America is a majority in the House and two untimely deaths.


Jesus. This is becoming a fuckin joke at this point.


The republicans really think they could install Fat Velvet Jesus as speaker. Can you imagine a man who cares about no one other than himself being speaker? Oh, I’m sorry… I forgot about Newt Gingrinch.


Here’s a novel idea. Charge Trump. Prosecute him, and put his ass in prison. You guys have a huge list of shit to go through, where he needs to face justice. Tells you a whole lot about the mindset of the future of our country, when instead of applying the rule of law, we’re instead humoring some dumbass Republican wet dream of Trump getting appointed Speaker, and somehow reacquiring the presidency through some magical dual impeachment. If Dems really think that’s possible, and want to avoid the bullshit, there’s a much more effective route available, today, right now. But, for whatever reason, we’re all just fine with Garland becoming Mueller Part II.


despite the stupidity that Q’s are spouting about installing Trump as speaker. This is probably a good idea moving forward as the Republican party is showing they are willing to act in bad faith. Mitch, Graham, and the rest have set the tone for the party. Nothing is too hypocritical, duplicitous, or corrupt as long as the ends justify their means.