Derbyshire cave house identified as ninth-century home to exiled king

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“A cave house previously thought to be an 18th-century folly has been identified as one of the oldest intact domestic interiors ever found in the UK and was once, archaeologists tantalisingly believe, the home of an exiled Anglo-Saxon king.” A very interesting find, potentially a very important structure that was hiding in plain sight! Unfortunately, the article is short on Simon’s reasoning and evidence, other than “the architecture looks right and he’s buried nearby.


During lockdown, I watched lots of “Time Team” episodes and was reminded about how ancient human habitation has been in Great Britain. (I did visit a couple of times and really enjoyed the Roman baths in Bath, various earthworks, and so on) I do know there are ancient things in the US (visited 900+ year old Taos Pueblo), but still. Wow.


Random. My oldest known ancestor Thomas Armstrong was born there in 1645.


Interesting article. I’m from and still live in the village this is in/near and had no idea. It’s only a 20 minute walk from my front door. We also have an Anglo-Saxon crypt which houses the remains of two Mercian kings. We’re also featured in AC Valhalla, apparently.


This seems so far fetched. Not that there have been living someone, but there is no evidence that the exiled king lived there except that it Could be true. This is just hearsay and not backupped by any evidence