Dutch Music Festival Linked to 1,000 New Covid Cases

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>barring entry to anybody without proof of full vaccination or a negative test. It would be interesting to know how many of these cases are linked to hospitalizations.


Unfortunately as it is, Live Music won’t be back in the same context as it was BC. General Admission shows in crowded, tiny rooms that are a fire hazard to ten-thousand person festivals will not be able to operate in the same capacity. In New York alone, despite the Foo Fighters MSG show requiring everyone to have a vaccine, people were scalping and buying tickets pre show (vax verification is only on the original purchase of a ticket, not confirmed at the door) so an unvaxxed person can reasonably walk in. At the same time, I understand the need to return to the stage, hundreds if not thousands of people are employed by security companies, lighting, sound, vendors, et.all. Major revenue streams and jobs have stopped for over a year. People who are career roadies or instrument techs are in dire straights. EDIT: I’m fully aware music is back in the United States. Yes I’m aware the vax check was temporary. You’re all missing the larger part of what I am saying for the sake of adding a comment. As of right now, Foos have had to postpone dates and more and more artists are having to postpone tours and dates as crew and members get covid despite being vaccinated. We’ve been at an impasse the last year and a half where economics and human interests do not intersect. Shows coming back at full capacity is another reminder of this. From the artists to the roadies, everyone needs money. Covid does not care if you’re vaxed or not. The rates we have for vaccination percentages are not enough to justify opening IMO.


Wait, do we get to call the Dutch a bunch of ignorant right wing science deniers or can we only judge and entire nation when it happens in the US?


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How about not attending a music festival until you’re **fully vaccinated**?