Employers want YOU to be grateful you have a job, but EMPLOYERS are never grateful for the employees they have

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I work for a small company and I am 100% sure my employer is grateful for us. I’ve been working with the same people for 15+ years. Over that time, only 2 employees have left and only 4 new people have been hired. We are all grateful for each other from top to bottom and bottom to top.


Not true. I am extremely grateful for my employees, and do what I can for them. I value good staff more than good clients.


Usually applies to the big guys at the top. The employer closest to the ground on the employees’ level can empathize with them more.


In a company I used to work for they had a poster up saying “our employees are our most important resource”. They then outsourced me and many others to another company. Like any other resource, you are replaceable. Always remember that. Whilst you might be loyal (and for many good reasons) to your company, if/when it comes to it they won’t be loyal to you. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be loyal, just don’t put that loyalty above everything else.


If a job says they have a lot of flexibility in their hours. They ain’t talking about the job being flexible to meet your needs. And if a job says “there’s always a lot of overtime going” like it’s a good thing. They’re a terrible place to work.