England Has Lifted Most Of Its COVID-19 Restrictions, Even As U.K. Cases Are Up 41%

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“It’s coming home”


Getting to herd immunity one way or another. This will be the approach in other nations as well. If you don’t get vaccinated, then you are going to get COVID. Best of luck everyone, I guess. Our response to this crises globally scares the shit out of me. The pandemic will end, but we have bigger more complex problems like climate change that we have yet to seriously deal with. How are we supposed to tackle that when doing something so easy as getting vaccinated is a bridge too far for people. Millions dead isn’t sufficient to change peoples minds, and these are topics where we can’t wait for this to individually impact each of these people and for them to come to their senses.


People were waiting outside clubs for the 12AM grand opening. No crowd limits, no masks. Just sweaty crowded clubbing like it was pre-pandemic – maybe more-so since it was a big event and people haven’t done it for a year. I can’t see there not being a massive spike in cases. This is the first time mingling to this extent has happened since we locked down.


It correlates to hospitalisations but doesn’t correlate even remotely with deaths. ​ The vaccines are working. ​ Please go look at the daily death and cases charts before replying “yeah but it is delayed” This spike started over a month ago and deaths have barely moved. Compare it to previous spikes and the pattern of deaths that follow within days. The flu kills 500,000 a year worldwide. We have no masks, no social distancing, no hand sanitiser outside shops. We have no lockdowns, we have no mass vaccinations. We have optional vaccines for those who need them. The ONLY difference between covid and the flu was we had no vaccine or immunity (and maybe it spreads a bit faster). We now have vaccines and immunity. Unless you think covid-19 is something that can be wiped out (you’re wrong), this is the new normal. Cases but not deaths.


But covid deaths in UK have relatively stayed flat. Compare the graphs to Jan and you’ll see that the severity of the wave is magnitudes less than what it was.