England lifts Covid-19 restrictions on daily life even as variant cases spike: The British government on Monday lifted pandemic restrictions on daily life in England, scrapping all social distancing in a step slammed by scientists and opposition parties as a dangerous leap into the unknown.

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I work in a cinema in England. Spent yesterday pealing the social distancing stickers off floor and setting up for ‘normal’ operations. Strange times, we all gonna keep wearing our masks and suspect this normal will be temporary but let’s see.


ye we did that last week, didnt go that well. so I am sory brits but this wont go well, greetings the Netherlands


On the eve of the ending of restrictions the PM and Health Minster test positive then say they are not going to self isolate, literally hours later they reverse this decision. They are an omnishambles presiding over a clusterfuck


Yep, and a load of people already all over social media saying how they won’t wear a mask and want to insult those who still choose to. Stupidest thing I’ve witnessed in a long time, to be honest, the way we have handled the pandemic in the UK. So many unnecessary deaths.


If only there were some real world examples of places that have removed restrictions. We could use those as idea of what we may expect in the coming weeks and we wouldn’t be so blind leaping into the unknown.