Ex-Trump Official Calls The GOP America’s ‘Number One National Security Threat’

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The GOP doesn’t get enough credit for being the national and international catastrophe level threat it is to human life. Like compare them to ISIS. Yeah ISIS is more openly violent at least more consistently, but ISIS isn’t one election from putting a MTG level psychopath or worse in charge of the worlds strongest military or strangling progress in one of the most influential nations. Republicans are. Republicans win a trifecta again and the world will see a superpower under the control of a fascist theocratic regime with “nuke a hurricane” and “inject bleach” levels of stupidity. And each election the GOP refines itself so its even more crazed, deluded, and violent than the last election cycle. The GOP primary’s method of refining the party into the purest forms of far right insanity is getting exponentially worse.


Christian terrorism is getting out of control.


Are all these former staffers coming forward now because they realize they can’t get jobs without renouncing Trump’s stupidity.


How much you wanna bet he’s still gonna work for them


Miles Taylor, the ex Trump official in the headline, is just a grifting asshole who was ok with putting kids in cages until it was unpopular. He can fuck right off.