Facebook Is Designed to Spread Covid Misinformation – The White House wants Facebook to crack down on anti-vax posts, but that would require the social media giant to transform on a fundamental level.

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If a corporation can’t (or won’t) change itself in order to stop being a detriment to a functional society, what obligation does that society have to maintain that corporation’s existence?


zuck loves hate. zuck loves lies. zuck make $$$


“Facebook is Designed to Show People What They Want to See” . Asking them to censor their users (even more than they already do) is going to cause content on BOTH sides to be censored, making ALL of their users unhappy. Give me all the downvotes you want, but requiring that a platform not do the only thing it was designed to do (show people things that they want to see/click on) seems like an unreasonable request.


The White House cannot order Facebook to do this. They are constitutionally prohibited from doing this. The argument has always been that Facebook can restrict the content on it’s platform because it’s a private company. When the government starts telling them what to restrict then Facebook loses that protection – they become an agent of the government, and the government is effectively using a private company to do an end run around the First Amendment. What if the government decided to use a private security company to do an end run around the Fourth Amendment, and search homes without warrants? Where does it end?


What a terrifying world we live in when the Government wants more control over social media, and people go along with it.