For the first time ever, my mother has informed me that I’ll be burning in Hell if I don’t repent.

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This is why I hate religion, it destroys families and make us hate each other …


Is “If people like you go to Heaven, Hell can’t be that bad” a good response?


Cut her off completely, and tell her why in long, exacting detail. Block her number, prevent contact. Lessons must be taught.


You might get some comfort and commiseration at /r/QAnonCasualties.


I hate to say it but she could be showing signs of mental illness. I don’t want to throw out a specific diagnosis but I know that memory loss can be very difficult and confusing which leads to depression and anxiety. Growing older is also very scary and when your in a state of fear your more susceptible to conspiracy theories and financial scams. This still does not give anybody the right to act like this. Just looking at potential cause for a drastic character change. I am sorry that your going through this I to have a mother that has always been prone to not “popular” ideas.