Garland formally prohibits seizure of reporters’ records

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There should be no reporting cap on journalists. If the reporters are not working for foreign states, it is imperative that we allow them to do their work unfettered and protect their sources. In today’s information age, we need our journalists to work hard and collaborate together so they can ferret out corruption in corporations and public officials without the fear of government retribution.


Serious question: Who is a ‘reporter’? Bloggers/podcasters like to believe they’re journalists and indeed some are. Is there a brightline for being a reporter, like working for a newspaper or TV station? Or is this going to get hashed out in court?


>But the memo makes clear that federal prosecutors can, in some cases, seize journalists’ records, including if the reporters are suspected of working for agents of a foreign power or terrorist organizations. There is also an exception for situations with imminent risks, like kidnappings or crimes against children. This sounds like a reasonable balance between the interests of the First Amendment and legitimate law enforcement interests.


oh you mean he recognizes the 1st and 4th Ammendments? Wow.


Greenwald is furiously trying to figure out why this move is corrupt so he can tweet about it