I am against religion because it teaches us to be satisfied with not understanding the world. Isn’t religion actually trying to give answers to what we don’t understand? – Richard Dawkins

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Religion has all the answers to every question. It’s just not particularly concerned about how much sense they make.


This is one the worst things about religion. It stunts intellectual curiosity and discourages scientific advancement. If there is a god of some sort, I like to think it gave us our brains to fully utilize and that we do it a disservice by remaining willfully ignorant.


Agreed that religion encourages us to be dumb. Also DBT tells us to accept everything like a blanket on the lawn. They throw in Buddhism too. So psychiatry is devolving into a religion.


‘God’ isn’t an explanation for anything. It is the point at which explanations stop. When you attribute something to god, you’re doing something worst than admitting ‘I don’t know’. You’re saying ‘We CAN’T know’ and giving up.


Religion also teaches us to accept that whatever thought pops into your head constitutes ‘actually trying’ .