I went to church today. I was fine with the sermon until she said…

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I commend you for your patience. Stuff like that makes me pretty mad. When ppl tell me something like that and i tell em that i try to help others if i can and i’m an atheist they just say something like “Nah i think deep down you are a believer”. And it takes a lot of will power to not say “and not even deep down you’re an idiot”. But i restrain myself because i don’t think anything good would come out of insulting someone.


TIFU and went to church


>sorry you feel that way Translation: IDGAF and I’m super cool with shitting on you as a person unless you subscribe to my brand of dogma. Your cousin is a jerk.


That last bit you didn’t like is really the central message of protestant Christianity, especially in America. ‘All men are inherently wicked.’ The pastor probably doubled down on that message the following week .


“Oh, gosh! I’m so sorry you feel that way!” That is not an apology – this is what assholes say when caught and their hands are forced.