India Is Proposing a 2-Child Policy to Keep Population Down – India is currently expected to overtake China as the world’s most populous country by 2027, per a 2019 UN report.

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This is not a policy recommendation for the entire country (it is only a suggestion). At the moment, it is primarily for Uttar Pradesh, but Assam is also considering it. This policy makes no sense to apply to the rest of the country because the majority of population growth is concentrated in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.


It’s not India on the whole. The policy is being proposed in a couple of states. These states happen to be some of India’s poorest and least educated states, with high fertility. I think there is a lesson to be learned for these states, as fertility rates in more economically developed and educated parts of the country, say South India is already way below replacement rates. Economic opportunities and education, especially for women is the best way to go about controlling population.


I like how having large population was considered superpower in the past (especially pre-industrial revolution) and how its increasingly considered a burden as technology is growing. Question to r/Futurology if tech is destroying jobs, but creating more, why don’t vast majority of these people just become robot designers/maintainers/repairmen and software and IT engineers ?


what company supplies condoms in India, could be worth a punt?


Poor people having tons of kids is a tale as old as time. They can put the kids to work, hope one turns out to be a rapper or basketball player or turn to government handouts and never have to work again and just ignore their 8 kids. It’s disgusting.