It makes me angry to see theists give credit to God for the modern world.

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There’s two beliefs that Christians have that I will never understand: Why they think their god is “loving” and “all good” and “worthy of eternal praise”, and how they could believe that the entire Universe was intentionally created with their (that particular Christian’s) name in mind, yet they call themselves the most humble religion.


One contradiction that I’ve picked up on that Christians spew constantly is that “knowledge comes from God”. Wasn’t it God who originally tried to keep humans in the dark about the forces of good and evil, and it was Lucifer who encouraged us to become our own free thinking agents?


Religion has most certainly shaped the world today, and not in good ways…


“Thank god for this lovely meal.” No shit, I cooked it, mum. I’m not Gordon Ramsay, but at least I put the effort in.


Not to mention that religious people vehemently opposed most of these advances when they came out, that they’re now giving god credit for.