Juan Williams: The GOP is criminally reckless on COVID

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Republicans are killing their base to own the libs.


I’m tired of seeing and hearing Trailer Trash Barbie.


Its seems the goal is to sacrifice parts of their base to delay the economy and to delay the recovery, all in a play to retake power. These people are evil.


It’s a worldwide pandemic that has affected people of all political persuasions and religions. It infects and kills without discrimination and is literally a scourge on humanity. Every person knows that it’s a battle no one was prepared to fight, and the expectation to overcome it was uncertain , with people understanding that it would take time to beat the virus and that many lives would be lost in the mean time. All the government had to do was try. All they had to do was say, “we need to make some changes for a little while, and buy some time before we can find effective preventions and treatments.” That’s it. That’s all we needed. And for some damn reason he decided to make it political, an attack on him from any and all perceived enemies. Collective work to slow the virus like masks and distancing was framed as personal attacks on people’s liberty. The vaccine, originally portrayed as HIS greatest achievement, was reimagined as a sinister plot against all mankind by a global cabal set on the nation’s destruction, perhaps because of an incompetent and slowed roll out— a roll out with no set timeline that people would have judged him against. Who knows how many deaths and lives were ruined because one man determined to make a completely natural phenomenon about him. A solely selfish man would have done the right thing and claimed all the credit. A solely incompetent man would have stayed out of the way and provided opportunity for better people to lead. But unfortunately for America, we were cursed with a man that was both, and the graves of our loved ones will forever be a testament to our failings.


It’s not just reckless. It’s intentional. As far as I’m considered it’s murder.