Jupiter with Transiting Callisto through a 10″ Dobsonian

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After waiting nearly a year for the planets to go back to opposition I have finally caught the opportunity to get a timelapse of Jupiter when the red spot is visible and the conditions are solid. As a bonus I got Jupiter’s transiting moon Callisto which was very cool. These images were acquired on July 13, 2021 between 01:45am and 03:35am Pacific Time, using the SkyWatcher 10″ GoTo Flextube Dobsonian and a color ZWO ASI178 camera paired with a Celestron 3x X-Cel barlow. I captured 15-two minute videos every 5 minutes at 14 ms exposure, 255 gain and 768×520 resolution which gave me around 70fps. Then I used the program autostackert to stack 15-30% of frames depending on the quality resulting in 15 stacked images. Next I used the registax software for rgb balancing and wavelets. Finally I created a video using Davinci Resolve to derotate the frames and added a smooth cut transition between the frames, and that is how I created this timelapse!


Callisto in color. Not just a shadow. That’s incredible.


Mark my words: someday, humans are going to live on that moon.


Bruh, you were late. BE ON FUCKING TIME! *slams fist on desk knocking 1st edition copy of “All my friends are dead” off the table*