Local group of Christians offer their help during the floods, to clean up a church while thousands have lost their home.

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It would be another thing if afterwards they’d throw open the church doors as an emergency shelter. But, probably not.


BTW. This is the same church that a few years back had their roof replaced for a cool 1+ million euros. The way that was paid was outrageous: – their proposition: municipality would pay for it. Eventually municipality agreed to paid 50% and the rest was paid by donations to the church. So the community paid for it 100%..


No human is ever as important as a helpless omnipotent god.


This is the issue with statistics that claim Christians give high levels of their income to ‘charity’. They give money to their church and other christian organizations. Very little good for the actual community around them is ever accomplished.


“Once they lost their homes to God’s storms, they will need his spiritual comforting.”