LPT: Always remember that a company’s HR exists to protect the company’s interests first and foremost. For them, employees are just a line item on an expense report. Keep this in mind while sharing “confidential” information with HR

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Just post your experience on Glassdoor or Blind. Let others know how bad the company / boss / HR , etc. EDIT: I see some post that said Glassdoor will moderate (or remove?) bad reviews. Not sure if this is recent, but I have posted bad review in my old company and the review sticks – not deleted. Anyway, worth a try or you can post it in Blind.


Hi! HR pro here. You’re 100% right. A big part of the job is to protect the company from lawsuits. Good companies know that the best way to do that is to have safe, legal, fair employment practices and a good work culture. It is in the company’s best interest to treat employees like gold. Unfortunately a lot of company leadership will only commit to funding the bare minimum, which actually costs more when you have replace employees who regularly get fed up with bullshit. Here’s another little secret…that douchebag CEO? HR works for that guy too. Coming to us to complain that he’s a dick, or his lackeys he promoted to management are dicks does absolutely nothing. HR has no power to reprimand the very people we work for. We do our best, but there are limitations to what we can do unless something happened that needs to be reported to the police. Also, if you tell us something in confidence that breaks policy we pretty much have to report it. I’ve had other women report sexual harassment before, then ask me not to address it. Um, that’s not how HR works. Not addressing that would put other employees at risk of also being harassed, which would expose the company to a lawsuit because we knew and didn’t stop it. HR isn’t the enemy. Most of the “negative” things we do comes from the employee’s manager…writing someone up, firing someone, getting a bad performance review, etc. HR doesn’t randomly pick out employees to fuck with. We know certain employees because their managers have labeled them as problem children and want us to intervene. If you ever feel like HR is fucking with you, the real question is “what is my manager saying about me?”.


Worked at large Fortune 500 company for 30+ years. In general, the role of HR in helping employees was pretty good until the last 10 years. That’s when they shriveled as a group and most functions were replaced by online resources. The main factor in level of support from HR varied greatly with Exec level endorsement of their function. Must say though that HR became the enemy when there were layoffs coming and they would go in and out of managers offices just before. That part of their job I would never, ever want to do.


HR’s job is to maximize human resource efficiency & effectiveness. They are not school counsellors.