Maine passes nation’s first law to make big companies pay for the cost of recycling their packaging

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This initiative needs to be a nation wide effort.


This needs to be a federal law. We’ve been lied to by plastic companies for decades. We even have records of their lies from their testimony in congress. They have actively deleted research that showed plastics (most of them – not all) aren’t even recyclable. I had use reader view which only gives me the first part of the article so I’m hoping this focuses on plastics, because I couldn’t tell – but that’s what I’m hoping.


Long overdue! Happy to hear it though.


This should be national, and companies should have to prove the capacity of regional recyclability of their materials. Roughly 5% of the stuff we put in bins actually gets recycled. It’s a fucking travesty. Glass, metal, wood and paper should be container materials. Plastic should not.


How can Maine accomplish this and still elect Susan Collins?