Manager left company, now doing their job plus mine, how to negotiate fair compensation.

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Negotiate a promotion, not a raise. If they say you are not ready, ask what you need to do to be ready, ask them to coach and invest in you. If they will not. Then they will replace the old boss with a new one. Or they will try to keep having you do two jobs.


Talk to your ex boss. He might have some ideas and angles for negotiation. Start looking for a new job it will give you a better negotiating position if you know what your worth and have a fallback position.


Organize your thoughts first. Make a few lists: what are your current responsibilities? What are the responsibilities you’re being offered. Finally, combine these two lists of responsibilities and rank the items in the order of what do you actually want to do. Now look online and maybe talk to your mentors and see what a job based on the tasks you want to do would pay. That’s your ideal job and salary. Now your company can make it’s offer. Since you have list of responsibilities you’re interested in you and the company can negotiate. Lastly, remember, even if you’re capable of doing all this work sometimes companies just prefer to hire someone new. So don’t assume you’ll get a promotion.


Ask for a promotion (formal change of title and duties) and a raise based on the increased value you are adding. **Don’t wait: do it right away.** The longer the employer is sucesfully getting away with underpaying you, the lower your leverage. If they won’t pay you then you now go to other employers saying I can do X Y Z – and get paid there. Waiting for the employer to be generous never pays off. Ask for what you want. More likely to get title and money and more likely to get respected better also. There is no downside.


– the perfect time to discuss is BEFORE you assume any of the duties. The fight will not be easy going forward as you have proven you do the work for lower pay.