Many Jobs Lost During the Coronavirus Pandemic Just Aren’t Coming Back

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All the more reason to hurry up and guarantee UBI nationally. The economy will continue to undergo radical changes in the coming decade, not just as a result of covid, but because of inevitable and unforeseeable changes in demands brought on by tech. Rather than resisting these changes, we can embrace the trajectory wholeheartedly with UBI.


Somehow productive is back to normal levels yet we have supply shortages everywhere from saurce packets to computer chips. This is just another futurology article trying to push the automation taking jobs angle which so far has not happened since they have been pushing it. If anything all this environmental damage is just gonna make life harder and require more jobs rebuilding cities and fighting heat waves.


Technology is not going to slow down – it never has. Or get un-invented once invented. Even Queen Elizabeth 1 of England, once tried to stop a patent on a wool spinning machine to prevent cottage weavers from being put out of work… So how do we help people re-train, re-skill, and if necessary, even relocate to find the new jobs and opportunities. Well perhaps relocation is less of a challenge given Covid and how much (of some types of) work has gone virtual. But it still needs to help stimulate growth mindset and confidence in people who may have suffered the emotional distress of losing their jobs – and often their self esteem It seems to me that we often focus on the technical skills, when it may be emotional blockers that may be the real problem.. Am I onto something? Or just crazy?


So why is there record employment and staff shortages everywhere? This trope of “coronavirus has changed everything” is overworked and probably wholly untrue.