NASA astronauts are spicing up the International Space Station — by growing chile peppers on board for the first time

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Not a surprise. Micro-gravity messes with your sense of taste. One of the few things that makes the food palpable is spicy condiments. Sriracha and Tabasco are prized commodities on the station. Fresh food is also a rarity. Growing peppers would solve those two issues at once.


Left unmentioned is WHY they are growing chilies specifically. Living in zero G wrecks the shit out of people, and one of the very first things to go south is your sense of taste. Bottles of hot sauce have long been standard on the ISS so astronauts can taste *something.* One more reason why living in space is not nearly as glamorous as some imagine, and one more reason why they’ll have a hard time getting many rich people for fork up $50 million or so to vacation in orbital space.


As a pepper grower myself, I’d kill for some space seeds


Imagine they squeezed one accidentally and now there are demon seed droplets floating around the habitat looking for an eyeball.


dosn’t the space station stink like a locker-room already? how is this going to affect that