No proof of thousands of double-counted ballots in 2020 presidential race in Ga.

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It is why the GOP is pushing hard to take over election boards, so they can do the double counting next time if needed.


Even better, there isn’t even any evidence.


Of course not. Georgia did a full machine recount. If ballots had been double-counted, the machine recount would have been massively off. Unless GOP observers watching the *whole thing* were struck blind. Then they did a *full hand recount*, in which *each and every goddamn ballot* was validated by observers. Not a one could be counted and added to the total without the GOP signing off on it. So of course there fucking wasn’t. (I don’t know if Georgia is one of the states that embeds unique IDs in their ballots. They’re not tied to a *voter*, they’re just unique so that there’s no *risk* of double counting. If your tabulator gets 100,000 versions of ballot XFDSF-121-343-A, it just counts it once.)


***’No Proof’*** is all the proof they ever need. Murdoch and Zuckerberg will do the rest Just as they do in Australia


republicans need a new talking point, like, was joe biden born in america?