Pegasus infects iPhones and Android devices to enable operators to extract messages, photos and emails, record calls and secretly activate microphones.

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> These latest allegations will do further damage to its image, but they won’t hurt the company financially. There are very few private companies able to produce the sort of invasive spy tools that NSO sells, and clearly the largely unregulated market for the software is booming. Can’t these fuckers be prosecuted?


TL, DR: Israeli security company’s latest security software for “sale” to governments and other agencies for “hacking” into iphones and Android phones. It’s in full stealth mode that users / victims have no idea their phones are / were hacked with this software. Access to anything and everything on the phone is possible with this.


Apparently it’s a “zero-click” attack which doesn’t require installing anything but you’d have to answer a WhatsApp call.


It’s no surprise lol. When the fucking Interamerican Commission on Human Rights came to investigate the Ayotzinapa disappearances they and a bunch of reporters started getting death threats and advertisements for funeral homes laced with Pegasus software, so when they clicked to delete the messages they inadvertently allowed the Mexican Federal government to spy on them and track their movements within the country at all times.


LOL Just file this under “you can’t criticize Israel for anything, no matter what” and move along.