People who did super secret work. What is something you can share now, that you couldn’t before?

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Sometimes, a project is “super secret” and requires a USG security clearance before you’re allowed to work on it… but it’s actually just boring, poorly written code that barely succeeds in doing nothing of interest for people who shouldn’t be allowed at a computer in the first place.


Dad (died 2016) was in the Navy and on one of the ships in the blockade that was part of the Cuban Missile Crisis. The official story is that no American ship fired any shots. A few months before he died Dad said his ship was one of several that fired shots.


I worked at a printing company that made Magic The Gathering cards. It was insane. There’s nothing quite like seeing uncut sheets of foil mythic rares stacked in a block 4 feet high 8 months before release. I wasn’t allowed to play in tournaments during my tenure there and I had to sign an NDA


The day the iPhone 5 was announced I could finally start using the one that’d been in my pocket for a month out in public. Edit: if this keeps getting upvoted I’m going to have to delete. Pretty sure those NDAs are still valid.


The Department of Defense has been preparing for climate change since at least 2012 in a pretty big way. Worked at a secret desert lab studying rubber-producing plants that needed no additional water.