Republicans have become the Death Wish Party

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The Religious Right infested and took over the Republican party decades ago. They’re already firm believers in their own apocalyptic death cult.


>GOP wants Joe Biden’s agenda to fail so badly they’re defying his vaccine program and killing their own people If trump had won the 2020 election then I bet that he would have told them to get vaccinated and Republicans would have lined up in droves to get the shot while holding signs thanking trump for protecting them. But Biden won, and they would rather die to help America fail than watch America be successful under a Democratic president.


“Give Me Convenience or Give Me Death”. Jello Biafra was right.


They hate ‘forced vaccines’, yet when I emigrated to the US (during the Trump admin) I was ‘forced’ to be fully vaccinated from various diseases before I was allowed in. What they mean is, “don’t force *me* to have a vaccine”.


Become? When was the last time they were not the Death Wish Party? What decade was it?