Researchers Find Common Denominator Linking All Cancers

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“In new research out this month in Cancer Cell, scientists at the Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute (LTRI), part of Sinai Health, divide all cancers into two groups, based on the presence or absence of a protein called the Yes-associated protein, or YAP. Rod Bremner, senior scientist at the LTRI, said they have determined that all cancers are present with YAP either on or off, and each classification exhibits different drug sensitivities or resistance. YAP plays an important role in the formation of malignant tumours because it is an important regulator and effector of the Hippo signaling pathway. “Not only is YAP either off or on, but it has opposite pro- or anti-cancer effects in either context,” Bremner said. “Thus, YAPon cancers need YAP to grow and survive. In contrast, YAPoff cancers stop growing when we switch on YAP.” Many YAPoff cancers are highly lethal. In their new research, Bremner and fellow researchers from the Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center in Buffalo, NY, show that some cancers like prostate and lung can jump from a YAPon state to a YAPoff state to resist therapeutics.”


I am very optimistic these days. I swear it feels like researchers are about to hit something so big in regards to cancer treatments. It feels like the tide is turning.


> Researchers Find Common Denominator Linking All Cancers The human body. We’ve done it boys!


Fingers crossed they find real world applications QUICKLY at curing cancers with this as I sit over here in active stage IV. Lol


So we could hit the YAP switch with CRISPR and let it die off?