Researchers in Japan have developed nanoparticles that can penetrate tumors and kill them from within, after being activated by external X-rays

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Oh look it’s the daily “researchers have found cRaZy new way to beat cancer” thread.


Hoping for the day we can truly beat cancer and these new discoveries are moving us forward . Every little bit counts.


This is exactly what I have hoped for since the earliest days of nanotech! I hope this pans out.


Currently doing a PhD in Medical and Radiation Physics in Australia which focuses specifically on improving treatment methods for cancers utilizing radiation, and in fact, people in my university work on the exact same stuff – nanoparticles of various materials which are administered to a patient which then enhance the “killing” of the tumor. I think the biggest misconception with this sort of stuff is that (from what I am aware), most of the time, these treatments “improve” quality of life and extend the patients life expectancy. It is very difficult unfortunately to “kill” the tumor permanently and guarantee it never comes back – of course this still happens but it is not always the case. I am sure with more research and time this will change to killing the tumor for good however at this current time, it is more so to add 5-10+ years onto a patients life and hope it doesn’t return or just go again in treatments… Particularly with this study, people in my university are testing these nanoparticles on rats which is a think a huge step towards using this sort of stuff on human patients. How far away that is I am not quite sure, I would say a few years, however the progress on this sort of is fascinating to observe.


This is Exactly how the Hulk will make his way into our timeline