Robinhood seeks up to $35 bln valuation in mega U.S. IPO

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Their crypto trading has nosedived apparently. Once people realized they didn’t hold the keys to their own wallets, most people abandoned crypto on their platform. Plus they alienated a lot of users with the trading halts that weren’t SEC generated/mandated. They might have seen some of their best revenues in the past year, but I suspect that they’ve peaked. Too much bad sentiment from their user base.


For reference, Morgan Stanley acquired E*TRADE for $13 billion last year… how this valuation makes any sense is beyond me.


This shitty company is worth $2. Everyone that uses it is an idiot, they’ll all get screwed over time.


Oh Boy… from Bulgaria


Robinhood sucks. I hope nobody buys this IPO. My guess is their stakeholders are all going to slowly divest and cash out and try to leave others holding the bag.