Sen. Joe Manchin, key Democratic holdout on federal voting protections, coming to Texas for fundraiser hosted by several GOP donors

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> The fundraiser comes just a day after Manchin met with Texas House Democrats on Capitol Hill who are desperate for his support of the congressional efforts which could preempt the statewide GOP’s push to pass bills that would restrict voting access for Texans. […] > “We invite you to join us for a special evening supporting our friend, US Senator Joe Manchin,” according to the invitation’s cover letter, which went on to call Manchin “a longtime friend since his days as Governor of West Virginia.” > The host committee includes titans of the Texas oil and gas industry — many of whom donate almost exclusively to Republicans. But there is a prominent Democrat included among the hosts: former Houston Mayor Bill White. White was the 2010 Democratic nominee for governor. What a slap in the face to not only the Texas Democrats he met with yesterday, but also those advocating for climate change and voting rights action. Ughhh… 🤨😡


And this is exactly why I roll my eyes every single time someone says we have to make concessions “to get manchin on board”. I get it. I really do. I get that in theory that’s exactly what we have to do. So I’m not really rolling my eyes *at you* (okay I am a little, sue me). I’m rolling my eyes at the fact that we’re still here. We’re still right fucking here. At the fact that our democracy is so fragile that one chucklefuck from **WEST** Virginia and one asshole from ~~Nevada~~ **Arizona** conspiring with a wrinkled husk of a man from Kentucky can hold the country hostage and there’s shit all we can do about it. Edited for accuracy… Twice…


Is it normal for senators to fund raise in states they don’t technically represent?


Fuck him.


Fuck this piece of crap. This guy is a cancer to the Democratic party. He’s basically being used as a prop by Republicans to go “SEE? WE ARE BIPARTISAN”.