Should I put a job experience on my resume that I didn’t submit a 2 weeks resignation for?

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Might as well. They likely won’t call Walmart and even if they do, Walmart will just confirm you worked there.


Put both. An employment gap is more cause for concern at the PT level than how you quit. They likely won’t contact your previous employers. Do not under any circumstances volunteer the information surrounding your departure from Walmart. Answer honestly if asked, but do not offer it.


Put it on there… Walmart is just going to verify employment. That’s the furthest anyone will go with that.


Guys.. OP is a university student. Gaps in employment are not relevant for a full-time student looking for part-time work.


List the job; don’t put your former boss down as a reference. If they call to verify employment, all the old job should tell them is your title and dates of employment.