Stop pleading with anti-vaxxers and start mandating vaccinations

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I have a sister who is anti-vax and I can assure you she would blow up a Ryder truck in front of a daycare before she would ever get the covid vaccine, we have tried everything. 6 months ago she claimed everyone was going to die from the vaccines 2 months later. It didn’t happen but she’s more convinced than ever. Edit: to be clear she’s not violent but there’s no way she would ever take it willingly Edit2: sister is early 50s, overweight and I worry about her health. Worse still she has helped convince her 70s in-laws to not get vaccinated.


To me, the problem is far simpler. Insurance companies should stop covering unvaccinated cases of hospitalization or require a separate unvaccinated policy. Right now vaccinated people’s premiums are paying for this nonsense. If someone doesn’t want a vaccine that is fine let them pay for the treatment.


I’ve always wondered why they didn’t attach a stimulus payment with every vaccine. Like, we won’t mandate anyone get one, but we will give those who get it $2,000! Not many Americans could afford to give up that opportunity given the state of the economy


Just do what they’re doing in Europe. Require proof of vaccination to enter a bar. Vaccinations will shoot through the roof.


Forcing them is just going to make it worse, it will reinforce their beliefs that the government has ulterior motives for mass vaccination.