Study finds second dose of COVID-19 vaccine shouldn’t be skipped since it stimulated a manifold increase in antibody levels, a terrific T-cell response that was absent after the first shot alone, and a strikingly enhanced innate immune response.

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But what about my… Single shot J&J?


AKA: why the second shot kicks your ass (and why this is a good thing).


“The extraordinary increase in the frequency of these cells, just a day following booster immunization, is surprising,” Pulendran said. “It’s possible that these cells may be able to mount a holding action against not only SARS-CoV-2 but against other viruses as well.”


Would that explain the (anecdotal) stronger side effects after the second dose? My amateur explanation to self was that the first dose “trained” the antibodies and the second dose caused them to do respond like a “fire drill” – so after the first dose I had no side effects, but after the second dose there was a general weirdness and mild malaise.


Can someone please explain to me how and why booster shots work like this?