Tesla’s ‘Full Self-Driving’ Beta Software Used on Public Roads Lacks Safeguards

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> CEO Elon Musk urged that drivers use caution when using FSD beta 9 Like how people are being urged to get a vaccine? > our experts have watched videos posted on social media of other drivers trying it out and are concerned with what they’re seeing—including vehicles missing turns, scraping against bushes, and heading toward parked cars. Then: > Reimer says he doesn’t think anyone on the road should be subjected to the risks of a test vehicle As motorcyclist, no, I fucking shouldn’t be!


My disappointment is how slow government is responding to any of this. I don’t understand why we’re not investing more money in simple things. Just painting the roads makes a big impact for AI systems and drivers alike, but so many roads are poorly marked and the standards are abysmal. I think we should be doing other things, like a QR code standard to slap on road signs to help vehicles understand their surroundings better. I think there needs to be a federal standard for vision based cars to be given more information. It’s so weird to me how there isn’t more discussion at the government level about solutions for integrating AI into the roadways. It’s such a wait and see approach and that’s a bit frustrating to me. I’d love to see development like cameras on the road that can feed relevant information to vehicles nearby with wifi. It seems like there’s so many things we could see done differently but government has shut off the lights and hiding behind the furniture as to not attract any attention.


How many accidents are we talking about, here?


Isn’t the human sitting in the driver’s seat the safeguard? I don’t just watch if my car is about to make a mistake.


This is the same Consumer Reports that ranked Tesla autopilot as the worse ADAS of all driving systems. They gave the system remarks for things like, “not totally clear when system is available to use. Supercruise is much easier to know if it’s available to use or not because it’s limited to very specific highways.” Like… If the ADAS is available, the icon shows up. How is that unclear? CR is not interested in being honest regarding Tesla’s. It’s very clear CR doesn’t like not getting advertising dollars from them.