The case of the missing condoms

A girl I was friends with in high school called me crying today. She had a question she needed to ask a guy friend. She said her boyfriend had just bought a box of a dozen condoms and now there are only six left, but they only had sex three times. When confronted her boyfriend said that sometimes he uses them when he masturbates and she wanted to know if I ever did that. I told her, “I am not proud of it, but sometimes I have to.” She starts to calm down and asks, “Why do you have to masturbate with a condom sometimes?” I said, “I dunno… I have never done that, I thought you meant lie to my girlfriend.” — Sorry if this is a repost – I heard it from a radio station a long time ago.

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I often use a condom to masturbate,its referred to as a posh wank!


I like to believe every guy has at some point in their life jerked off with a condom on. Not sure why, I guess it’s more of a “why not?”.


Haha nice. Have not seen this here before.


Ngl, had me in the first half