TIL about Jeremy Meeks. His mugshot was so hot it got him a modeling contract while he was still in jail. He served 13 months in jail and walked in NY Fashion Week a year later. He also walked in Milan Fashion Week, helped to launch a fashion line, acted, & more. All within 5 years of his release.

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I’m so glad that a hot guy finally got a chance in this world.


“I’m a prison model and my girlfriend has a rich daddy, our budget is 15 million dollars.”


All you have to do is be really really ridiculously good looking


You guys realize he has kids, and a gf that supported him for years? Then left them all when he got famous, smh…


I wrote a paper in college on “lookism” it’s basically about how research backs up people who look more attractive get better sentences. This is the pure definition. Life worked out bc he literally had model looks.